sexta-feira, janeiro 20, 2006



Dear colleagues, dear friends, dear net community

I just initiate my bloglife!
And I want initiate sharing with you ideas, resources, theories, practices on what I know best (I think): language teaching in the middle grade, high school and university.
I appreciate that you participate with the same contents or even with suggestions, comments, critics, etc. I waiting for it, and I hope that you too.
I know, that's certainly nothing new in the net. I know, sometimes what you see here will not be modern, innovator, or else.
What I want is to share my perspectives, my researches, my foundlings... and yours too. I expected reactions, constructive critics. I will do it too.
You can write in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English. Of course I prefer (French, sorry) English because I know that all the new friends will understand.
And yes, I know, my English is not the best, but I'm sure you understand me.

I'm waiting for you now.
Best wishes for all the visitors.


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